South Dakota DOE Mentor Program

Who is ELIGIBLE to participate in the Mentoring Program?
  • Teachers can request participation in the program by meeting these criteria:
    • At least five years of teaching experience, one of which is within the last seven years in a school or other education related field
    • Must hold a valid or expired teaching certificate
What is the DURATION of the mentor’s commitment to the program & new teacher?
  • A mentor will commit to work with a beginning teacher for a period of two years
What is REQUIRED of a mentor?
  • Must obtain administrative sign-off to participate in the program.  
  • Participate in SD Mentor Professional Learning Community:
    • Attend one Face-to-face Mentoring Seminar at one of these locations:
      • July 23  - Sioux Falls
      • July 23  - Aberdeen
      • July 26  - Rapid City
      • August 9  - Brookings
      • September 13 (Makeup date) - Rapid City
    • Attend one Face-to-face Kick-off with your new teacher at one of these locations:
      • July  24 - Sioux Falls 
      • July  24 - Aberdeen 
      • July  27 - Rapid City 
      • August 10 - Brookings
      • Sept 14 (makeup date) - Pierre
      • Sept 14 (makeup date) - Rapid City
  • Provide 34 hours of mentoring - Minimum 18 hours of which must be face-to-face 
  • Attend Summer Academy
    • June 5 & 6 (2019) in Sioux Falls
  • Maintain mentor log
  • What is the COMPENSATION for mentoring a new teacher?
  • Stipend of $1,350 for completion of all mentor requirements 
    • Stipend may be prorated for:
      • matches made/discontinued throughout the year 
      • failure to complete all mentor requirements
  • Meals, mileage, and hotel reimbursement to attend Mentor Seminar
  • Meals and mileage reimbursement to attend Kick-Off
  • Mileage and hotel reimbursement to attend Summer Academy
  • Mileage reimbursement for face-to-face mentoring if traveling between towns
  • Upon completion of all requirements of the two year program, certified teachers will have met the credit requirements to renew their teacher certificate.  
  • DOE will require a completed W-9 form and License Plate # for reimbursement

Substitute Reimbursement
  • Seminar - if attending September 13th.
  • Kick-Off - If attending September 14th.
  • Districts will receive up to $100 substitute reimbursement per mentor
  • Mentoring - A $500 substitute reimbursement for mentoring time will be shared between the new teacher district and the assigned mentor district dependent on need.
To complete your application, you must upload an
Administrator sign-off form
signed by your principal and your business manager.   

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Administrator Sign-Off Form 


* 1. Administrator Sign-Off Form upload (REQUIRED!  Please do not complete this application until this documentation is acquired for upload)

DOCX, DOC, JPEG, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG file types only.
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* 2. Contact Information

* 3. I served as a mentor in the 2016/17- 2017/18 cycles of the statewide mentor program.

* 4. What grade span do (did) you teach?  Choose the one that best describes your teaching assignment.  This information will assist in assigning you a new teacher.

* 6. How many years have you been in the teaching profession?

* 7. If Retired, or not currently employed, list last years taught and where (if currently teaching enter N/A)

* 8. If you are chosen as a mentor, what is the maximum number of teachers you would like to mentor?

Please answer each of the following questions completely.

* 9. Why would you like to become a mentor?

* 10. Briefly describe any mentoring training/experience you have had as an educator.

* 11. What strengths do you have that would enable you to be a successful mentor?

* 12. Please list some of the ways you keep current with best practices in education and/or your area of expertise (i.e. workshops, conference, professional reading, classes, etc.)

* 13. Mentor Seminar Dates

If you are chosen as a mentor, you will be required to participate in the SD Mentor Professional Learning Community as outlined above. Please choose which seminar you would prefer to attend.


If chosen, you will be required to attend ONE of the following kick-off events with your assigned teacher:
  • July 24 - Sioux Falls
  • July 24 - Aberdeen
  • July 27 - Rapid City
  • August 10 - Brookings
  • September 14 (make up date) - Pierre
  • September 14 (make up date) - Rapid City
If chosen, you will be required to attend the following summer academy
  • June 5 & 6 (2019) in Sioux Falls

note: the access code to sign up for a seminar or a kick-off is "mentor4life"

* 14. Verification of agreement to terms of program