The Blended Burger Project™ is an in-restaurant menu promotion that strives to improve the classic burger by blending ground meat* with finely chopped, cultivated mushrooms, creating a more delicious, nutritious, and sustainable burger. This "Blended Burger" is then offered from Memorial Day, May 28 - July 31, 2018.

1. Complete this registration form and commit to adding a Blended Burger to your menu.
2. Create your Blended Burger by blending your burger with at least 25% finely chopped, fresh cultivated mushrooms. There are resources offered at
3. Use the media assets that will be mailed to you by the James Beard Foundation to encourage diners to vote for your Blended Burger photo on 
4. Email Sarah Drew at with a description of your Blended Burger in 50 words or less with an accompanying high-resolution, JPEG image to be officially entered into the contest. 
5. Menu the burger anytime during the contest period of May 28 - July 31, 2018.
6. Inform diners of your Blended Burger menu item and that they can vote online at to help you compete for a chance to present your burger at the James Beard House.
7. Encourage diners to post a photo of the Blended Burger to Instagram or Twitter with hashtag #BlendedBurgerProject and #contest.
8. Review the Official Contest Rules at:, to which you must agree below.

*(Or other protein, see Official Contest Rules for details.)

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* 4. PR/Additional Contact Person (if this the same information as the chef, please leave blank)

* 5. Website and Social Media

* 6. I would like to participate in press opportunities around the Blended Burger Project™ including contributing recipes, doing cooking demos, or participating in interviews.

* 7. Description of your "Blended Burger" (Include name and description in 50 words or less):

* 8. Please tell us in your own words why you chose to participate in the Blended Burger Project™:

* 9. Commitment to menu a Blended Burger in support of the Blended Burger Project™.

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