Please use this Online Nomination Form to nominate yourself and/or others you feel deserve recognition for their leadership skills in rural, regional and remote Queensland.

You can nominate as many people as you wish using this Online Form.

We suggest you nominate people you know and those whose work you admire, even if you have not met them personally.

Please also feel free to nominate yourself.  

When QRRRWN receives an award nomination, we will contact your nominee and send them the Awards Application Guidelines and Selection Questions in full.

Categories include:

1. QRRRWN’s Woman of the Year - This major award celebrates the achievements of a woman who has made a significant contribution to a high priority issue in Queensland. 
2. QRRRWN Small Business Owner of the Year -This award recognises a woman who through her hard work has built or maintained a small business that promotes a RRR community and/or benefits RRR women.
3. QRRRWN Professional (RRR) Woman of the Year -This award recognises a woman who through the course of her work has influenced significant change to improve services to RRR Women/ improve outcomes for women and their communities or the rural industry. 
4. QRRRWN Leadership Award - This award recognises a person, who through their work within a community or government organisation has made a significant contribution to policy, programs or services that have promoted, supported or improved services for RRR women in a high priority area.
5. QRRRWN Volunteer of the Year - This award celebrates an exceptional volunteer in a non-paid position who continually supports or promotes the needs of people in RRR communities.
6. RRR Story Teller of the Year - This award celebrates a person who has, through their story telling (through writing, song, dance, journalism or another art form),  ‘tells a story’ promoting RRR women.
7. QRRRWN’s Inspirational Woman - This special award celebrates an inspirational woman (65+) who has paved the way for future generations.

Inspiring Young Women's Leadership Awards.

8. QRRRWN Young Woman with a Vision -
This award celebrates the achievements of a young woman (under 16 years old) who has already made a significant contribution to her community and has a vision for the future.
9. QRRRWN Young Woman with a Plan - This award is open to nominees aged between 16 and 19 years who are inspiring leaders and have a clear plan on how they will achieve their goals. They will have high values that are consistent with QRRRWN, they will have demonstrated their leadership through their community.
10. QRRRWN Young Rural Women’s Award - This award is open to nominees between 20 – 30 years who are inspiring leaders. Nominees must be eligible to fulfil the requirements of the sponsorship package.

PLEASE NOMINATE as soon as possible - AWARD ENTRIES CLOSE 5pm onThursday, 20th July, 2017.

AWARD WINNERS will be announced on 20th October at the Gala Dinner at the 2017 QRRRWN Annual Conference in Emerald, held from the 19th- 21st October.

PLEASE NOW COMPLETE this QRRRWN 2017 Strong Women Leadership Awards NOMINATION FORM

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* 12. In no more than 150 words describe your business, who does it reach and why it is important?

* 13. In no more than 250 words, tell us how you have;

a)      Built or maintained a business that promotes a rural regional and remote community; or

b)      How your business benefits women in rural, regional or remote communities.

* 14. Describe the networks you use in your business and how these have been beneficial.

* 15. How many people do you employ in your business?

* 16. How and why did you start your business?