* 1. What is your title?

* 2. Which umbrella term do you believe best represents those in the MSP profession?

* 3. During your normal course of work, how frequently do you perform the following MSP duties?

  Never Very rarely Rarely Occasionally  Frequently  Very frequently 
Accreditation and regulatory compliance activities
Analysis of credentials files
Coordination of continuing medical education (CME) activities
Coordination of election processes for medical staff offices
Credentials verification processing
Data management
Delegated credentialing
Development of medical staff governance documents (e.g., bylaws, policies and procedures)
Development of practice authorization/privileging forms
Event coordination (e.g., medical staff retreats, general staff meetings, doctors' day celebrations)
Medical library management
Meeting management
Other (non-medical staff/credentialing duties)
Other medical staff/credentialing duties
Peer review
Practitioner onboarding
Practitioner recruitment
Provider enrollment
Risk management
Survey preparation and participation

* 4. Which of the following services does your department provide? Please select all that apply.

* 5. Which of the following services are not provided by your department but are provided within your organization? Please select all that apply.

* 6. How many practitioners are credentialed by your department?

* 7. How many MSPs work in your organization (FTE)?

* 8. Does your organization hire and/or support hiring telecommuting staff?

* 9. If your organization does allow telecommuting, does it hire and/or support hiring telecommuting staff in your department/functional area?

* 10. On average, how many hours per week do you telecommute?

* 11. Do you supervise others?

* 12. If you supervise others, how many people do you supervise (FTE)?