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The N-DEx System Program Office is offering dynamic web-based workshop opportunities for the N-DEx System user community demonstrating functionalities and recent enhancements.

These sessions feature live demonstrations of the system, lasting between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the topic and the level of audience participation.

Please complete the form below to indicate interest.Please complete the form below to indicate interest. All times listed are Eastern Time.

After registration no additional steps are needed, please be aware no confirmation email will be sent out. Users will begin receiving their meeting invitations a week prior to the session. Please note that registration closes at 6:00AM (Eastern Time) of the day of the session. If trying to register late, please email us at

N-DEx System Workshop Descriptions

The N-DEx System Overview:
Basic overview of the N-DEx System and its functionalities. This presentation provides a high-level overview of what the N-DEx System is, what data is contained, and includes a tour of the system and its basic functionalities.

Search: In-depth demonstration outlining usage of filters and best practices when performing both keyword and targeted searches in the N-DEx System.

Batch Search:
The Batch Search function enables users to search multiple (up to thousands) people, phone numbers, vehicles, or keywords at one time. This session will cover how to create a Batch Search template, create a Batch Search, view results, and edit and share a Batch Search.

Subscription and Notification Quick Bite:  Short (15 – 30 minutes) session focusing on the N-DEx System Subscription and Notification features.  Learn how to create subscriptions, edit existing subscriptions, and receive notifications concerning new records matching the subscription.

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