About the Inventory

The Wade Mindsets Inventory is a new way to understand the different ways people perceive their workplace and respond to it. There are no right or wrong answers, because people relate to their work in many different ways. Since the purpose of this inventory is to help you learn more about yourself and your values around work the best answers are ones that most accurately describe your feelings and attitudes about the situations described.

Answer what is true for you. Don't spend too much time thinking over the answers. The best answer is usually the first, natural answer as it comes to you. Of course, some items may not exactly capture your views, but give the best answer you can under the circumstances. Since everyone has a unique impression of the inventory, we are interested in your feedback about it. Note any items or instructions that seem unclear. At the end of the inventory you will find a place to contact us via eMail.
Please tell us about yourself . . ..