This survey is used to request a room for a one-time event such as a meeting, seminar, workshop, or conference. A request to make a permanent change to your assigned course classroom should be made using the Room Reassignment Request survey. If you have any questions, please call us at 215-248-7005. ALL ROOM REQUESTS MUST BE MADE ELECTRONICALLY!

** We will call or email you with your room information as soon as possible. Please allow at least 24 hours for a response. If you have an immediate need, please send the survey and then email to let us know you have an emergency room request. Thank you!

* Please tell us a bit about yourself:

* Does your event have a title/name? (In case people call us for directions.)

* What is the start date of your event? (Additional dates and recurring dates will be addressed in another question.)

This is the date my event will occur/will begin:

* What time do you need access to this room? (This may not necessarily be your start time if you need set-up time.)

Time I need to be in the space:

* When will you be finished in this room?

I will be completely done with this room at:

* Does this event occur on more than one date and/or at different times? Is this a recurring event? If so, please enter all of the dates/times or indicate your recurrance end date here:

* How many people besides yourself do you need to accomodate at this event?

* Do you need something special in this room? (Check all that apply.)

* Do you have a building preference? (We cannot promise availability.)

* Is there anything else you would like us to know?