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1. 2012 DC Jazz Festival

The George Washington University Sport and Event Management Program is conducting a survey about the DC Jazz Festival and its economic impact on the host community. Thank you for your assistance in answering the following questions.


2. Is the DC Jazz Festival the primary reason you traveled to the area?

3. If no, what is your primary reason for traveling to the Washington, DC area?

4. How many people, including yourself, traveled to Washington, DC with you?

5. How many nights are you planning to stay in the area? (if none, proceed to question 8)

6. What type of accommodations are you staying in while in the area? (if hotel)

7. What type of accommodations are you staying in while in the area? (if other than hotel)

8. What type of transportation did you use to arrive to the area?

9. Based on a typical day during your visit, what are your daily individual expenditures on:

10. What is your individual total expenditure on the DC Jazz Festival on:

11. What factor MOST influenced your decision to attend the DC Jazz Festival. (Please select ONE only)

12. If "Advertisement" Specify, which advertisement or Where was advertisement?

13. How did you hear about the DC Jazz Festival?

14. If you heard about the DC Jazz Festival through a Local Restaurant/Bar, please specify here.

15. How many DC Jazz Festival Events do you plan to attend in total?