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The intent of this Expression of Interest is to encourage contractors to indicate their interest in providing services related to redevelopment and related projects in Downtown Dover, including those conceptualized in the Capital City 2030: Transforming Downtown Dover master plan. Visit

In an effort to ensure a diverse, local, qualified workforce has every opportunity to engage in the community's revitalization, wherever appropriate, the Downtown Dover Partnership (DDP) will provide this contact information to vendors (developers, contractors, and others) involved in the redevelopment of downtown Dover.  While there will be no set-asides for the work and the DDP cannot guarantee the actual hire by developers selected, DDP can act effectively as a liaison to ensure visibility between vendors selected and local contractors interested in the work.

Contractors are advised to keep abreast of DDP event/activities via traditional/social media outlets, and the DDP website

IMPORTANT:  By completing this Express of Interest, you are hereby giving the DDP permission to circulate this information to vendors (developers, contractors, and others) involved in the redevelopment of downtown Dover.

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I hereby give the Downtown Dover Partnership permission to circulate my information to contractors/vendors as related to the revitalization of downtown Dover. 

I further understand that I am not guaranteed that I will be contacted or hired by those to whom my information is provided. 

Your typed name in this box below will serve as your electronic signature.

Thank you for expressing your interest in providing services in the revitalization of downtown Dover.

-    If you are considering living in downtown Dover, complete the Expression of Interest for Residents: Click here.   

-    If you are a business owner seeking a downtown Dover location, complete the Expression of Interest for Business Owners:  Click here.

For more information about the DDP: