Everything you need to run your business
Sync your contacts with CRM

We wanted to have everything we need to run our business from one dashboard. Below are some of the key sections and features of our business management system.

Full CRM

With GrandCentral record keeping is not only done right, but most importantly, done FAST! Manage your business efficiently using this well-oiled machine equipped to match all your documentation needs.

  • View, add and manage customer details
  • Save clients’ contact information
  • Add deals or transactions
  • Keep track of your deal statuses
  • Record notes manually or using the “shortcuts” feature
  • Send emails and view past emails sent
  • Attach client files
Project Management
This is the silver arrow in your quiver, keeping your projects organized and tasks completed timeously. Never miss your “to-do’s” by assigning them to staff and clients alike.
  • Record multiple projects for one client
  • Add Sections or Milestones to projects
  • Supplement Sections with Steps to itemize your process and progress
  • Assign these Sections/Steps to your staff or your client
  • Monitor completion percentage
  • Receive auto-generated emails of actions completed

Who said you need different tools to deal with your billing requirements? With this feature, you can generate invoices, process payments through Stripe and Quickbooks, and even view payment history – all in one place!

  • Add multiple addresses
  • Record payment methods
  • Process payments
  • Create invoices
  • View past payment amounts and dates
Support Ticketing

Ensure customer satisfaction by staying on top of the ball. View and manage all client communication in one location!

  • Sort by priority, owner, status, or category
  • Attach documents
  • See latest activity
  • Send emails to clients and keep the team updated with internal notifications 
  • View past actions and resolutions