PDI Mentor Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor for UB's Professional Development Institute. We accept applications from UB alumni, staff and faculty. After you complete this application, you can opt to send your resume as well to pdi@ubalt.edu (required for those applicants not currently working at UB).

(Note: Bachelor’s degree is required to be a PDI Mentor)

If you have any questions, please e-mail pdi@ubalt.edu or contact the Career and Professional Development Center at 410.837.5440.
1. Today's date (not your birthday)
Our mentoring program includes a day-long, on-campus orientation for all new mentors with several facilitators covering crucial information to enhance your effectiveness. Please indicate your availability for the Mentor Orientation Day below. Inability to attend training does not exclude you from applying. We will contact you to discuss potential alternatives.
2. Which Mentor Orientation Day would you prefer to attend?
3. Name
4. UB Affiliation (employee or alumni status required)
5. Briefly describe your current position:
6. Briefly describe reasons you want to be a PDI Mentor:
7. What statement best represents your philosophy of success in life?
8. How many students would you like to mentor at any given time? (NOTE: We recommend taking on more than one as it is possible a student may not participate at the level expected.)
9. Enter information for your preferred method(s) of contact (phone numbers, emails, etc.)
10. Education and Professional Certifications (Please note: Bachelor’s degree is required to be a PDI Mentor):
11. Professional involvement/memberships held (last 6 years):
12. Career highlights (last 6 years):
13. What areas of expertise or training do you have that we might not know about? (Ex.: One of our mentors is a graphic designer pursuing an MFA; another mentor is a law school student; etc.) This information will be compiled in our Mentor Resource Manual so that other mentors can refer their students to you about specific areas of interest they may have.
14. What is your experience/level of comfort in these areas of student need?
I have not helped students with this/I lack experience. I have helped students with this but could be better at it. I have done this with many students and I’m comfortable in this area.
Creating a resume
Refining and updating a resume
Choosing a major
Creating career goals
Developing/adjusting career goals
Understanding your values
Understanding goal setting
Building a professional network
Broadening your network
Interview skills
Verbal communication
Written communication
Workplace etiquette
Global/cultural experiences
Understanding of ethics
Leadership experiences
Researching and applying for graduate study (master’s, doctorate or professional degree)
Developing a social media presence
15. Have you ever taken the Clifton StrengthsFinder (Gallup's StrengthsQuest assessment tool)?