Eleventh Annual Battle of the Mariachis Festival - Mariachi Group Registration

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NEW! Register by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 13 to receive an extra $50 travel stipend!!! Register Today!

Priority Registration Deadline: Wednesday, April 1, 2015
This year, to foster an inclusive contest, there are two categories:
Youth (Middle School/High School) and Open (Post High School/College)

Prizes in EACH category:
First Place: $1,500
Second Place: $1,000
Tom Tracy and EJ Tracy "Shining Star" Individual Awards: $250

Additional Awards - All groups are eligible to win:
Spirit of San Juan Community Award
People's Choice - Social Media Poll Award

Each group will receive:
1. A travel stipend to assist with the costs of transportation.
2. A participation medal for each performer.
3. Incredible performance experience before a panel of distinguished judges and sold out audience of 3,000.
4. Fifteen complimentary admission passes for guests of the group.
5. Valuable exposure and publicity as a performance group at the Battle of the Mariachis Festival.

Please see below for more participation information.

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1. Mariachi Group Name
2. Our Group is a ______________ Mariachi Program.
3. Name of Mariachi Program, School or Community Center your group is affiliated with:
4. Director's Contact Information:
5. Director's Cell Phone:
6. School or Program Phone:
7. Director's Email:
8. Director T-Shirt Size
As a thank you for your registration, we'll send you a free Battle of the Mariachis Festival t-shirt!
9. How did you learn about the Battle of the Mariachis Festival? If it was through a particular person, please list their name.
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10. Number of Participants (Minimum of 10. No maximum):
11. Please Select Your Performance Category:
12. Age Range of Participants (Ex: 12 - 18)
13. Song 1: Son Jalisciense
14. Song 2: Ranchera
15. Song 3: Song of Choice
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16. Tell us about your group!

Ex: How long has your group been in existence?
How was your group founded?
Where has your group performed in the past?
What else is unique about your group?
17. Website (if available)
18. Facebook Page (if available)
19. YouTube Video or Page (if available)
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1. Each group is allowed 15 minutes to perform on stage.
2. All groups are asked to perform a Son Jalisciense, Ranchera and song of choice. If a popurri will be performed, please include individual song names.
3. Directors may not perform with their groups.
4. During your group's performance, Directors may be stage-side or in the audience but are not allowed on stage or inside judges’ booth.
5. Musicians are only allowed to rehearse in the Performers' Area and in no other location.
6. Directors must check-in between 9:30 – 10:00 a.m. to the West Gate.
7. Sound checks will take place on stage between 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. Each group is limited to 5 minutes for sound check. Sound checks will take place in order of group arrival and check-in.
8. In order to standardize the stage setup, the stage plot will be the same for all groups. From left to right facing the stage: Violins – Trumpets – Harp – Guitarron – Viheula – Guitar with three (3) Vocal mics center front stage.
9. Directors or musicians defying rules of conduct or showing "unsportsmanlike" conduct may subject their groups to disqualification.
10. All musicians are invited on stage to perform together the finale song, "La Negra" and one additional song that is to be determined.
11. Directors must be present between 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. to accept possible awards and for photo opportunities.
12. Please submit at least one photo of your group for publicity purposes. Please email photo to
crobinson@missionsjc.com at your earliest opportunity upon submitting application.
20. Required before submitting your application:
After you submit your application, we will contact you to confirm whether your group meets the Terms of Participation and has been selected to participate in the competition.

Thank you for your application to participate in the Eleventh Annual Battle of the Mariachis!
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