California State University, East Bay, Community Partner: Service Learning Partnership Evaluation

1. California State University, East Bay, Service Learning Community Partner Survey

The following evaluation provides you an opportunity to offer feedback to us. Please be as frank and as specific as possible. Many thanks for taking the time to assist us in this effort!

Mary D’Alleva, Director of Service Learning,
CSUEB, 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd., Hayward, 94542
1. Please complete the following:
2. Please enter the name of the CSUEB Professor(s) or course(s) your agency partnered with this quarter:
3. Please indicate the frequency of communication from faculty
emailscallsin-person meetings
1. Faculty
2. Faculty
3. Faculty
4. Faculty
4. Are you interested in continuing as a service learning partner in the future? If no, why not?
5. How many CSUEB students did your agency work with this quarter?
6. If you are currently not on our website at would you like to be listed as one of our program partners?
7. Students contributed to our agency through
8. Please rate the impact of student contributions on the following
lowmediumhighvery highN/A
direct service to agency clients
agency administration/infrastructure
special events
strategic planning
other (identify below)
9. Student Preparation & Participation
Students were prepared for the work they did at your agency
Were there any barriers or challenges regarding student participation or preparation?
Do you have photos of our students in service to share?
Would you be willing to write a brief article about the partnerhsip for our marketing/promotional materials?
10. Please rate the importance of the following
Very ImportantImportantSlightly Important
Receiving a course syllabus from faculty
Site visits from the Service Learning Program
Campus meetings with the Service Learning Program
Email/phone check ins from faculty
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