Language Without Borders 2011 - Presenters

1. How did you hear about Languages without Borders that occurred in April 2011?
2. Please rate:
The quality and timeliness of the communications (acceptance and confirmation of your session, etc…)?
The appropriateness of your assigned session room (size for number of participants, equipment, etc…)
3. Were you satisfied with the outcome of your workshop session?
If not, please explain how Languages without Borders could have provided better support?
4. What is your level of satisfaction between your presentation experience and the cost of the discounted registration fee?
5. Do you intend to submit a workshop proposal for the next Languages without Borders call for presenters for Winnipeg in April 2013?
6. General Comments (Positive or Negative)
We sincerely thank you for your involvement in the first Languages without Borders National Conference
and for participating in this feedback email survey!
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