St. Peter's Lutheran Church Attender Survey

1. In general, how do you perceive the church?
2. What drew you, or would draw you into a church
3. What would keep you away from a church?
4. In your opinion, what do local churches do?
5. What are some ways a church could have a positive impact in your community?
6. What type of assistance do you, or would you seek from a church?
7. What are some positive things the church does in your community?
8. What keeps you at St. Peter’s?
9. What do you like about St. Peter’s?
10. What do you dislike about St. Peter’s?
11. How far do you live from St. Peter’s?
12. Why did you choose St. Peter’s as your home church?
13. How did you hear about St. Peter’s?
14. What are some reasons people have left the church?
15. What activities would you attend if they were offered at St. Peter's?
16. What services do you feel are missing in the community?
17. How do you find community services/programs?
18. What is the greatest need in your life right now?
19. What are your top 3 interests / hobbies?
20. How could we be of help to you?
21. If you could provide one thing for your family, that you aren’t currently, what would it be?
22. What kind of things do you volunteer for?
23. Are you willing to be a volunteer?
24. Do you use a smartphone, tablet or iPad?
25. How often do you use Social Media?
26. What is your age group?
27. Which of the following categories best describes your marital status?
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