Smoke-Free Outdoor Spaces - Rhode Islanders go on record

1. Hi! Could you spare a couple of minutes to respond to some questions about smoking in public? First, I need to get some very basic info on you so that the results will be more legitimate!
2. What city or town do you live in?
3. What is your age range?
4. Gender
5. We'd appreciate your opinion about making outdoor spaces 100% smoke free to protect health, reduce cigarette butt litter, prevent fires and send a positive message to kids about not smoking. Please check one box in each category to let us know how you feel about making a variety of outdoor places smoke free by ranking the level of your support.
Love itLike itDislikeStrongly dislikeNo difference
1. Beaches
2. Parks
3. Playgrounds
4. Sports/recreation areas
5. Outdoor dining patios
6. Outdoor festivals and fairs
6. If you're comfortable telling me about your own smoking status, it would be helpful to know if you are a smoker since we want to make sure to be inclusive.