Assembly Activities 2014 Report

1. What is the name of your assembly?
2. What is your full name?
3. What is your role in the assembly?
4. How many members do you have in your assembly?
5. What tactics does your group use to recruit / retain members? Check all that apply.
6. How do you involve your members in assembly activities and issues?
7. Does your assembly have tax-exempt status? Please check the appropriate answer below.
8. Our assembly has adopted the following policies ( required by the IRS for all 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that file 990 tax forms and recommended for other nonproft organizations as well.  Please check all that apply.
9. Please list dates, topics, and average attendance of your assembly's convention session(s)/conference(s) this past year.
10. List up to three of your assembly's most outstanding accomplishments this year and please describe one of these in more detail.
11. Please rate all the operational challenges below as to how they apply to your group.
most difficultmoderately difficultsatifactorywith ease, but still improving systemThis is not a challenge; we excel at this.
filling vacancies on your board
retaining members
recruiting new members
recruiting new teachers
involvement of people of color
getting members and non-members to attend your NCTE Annual Convention sessions
getting members and non-members to attend your conference sessions
12. What is the most important issue for your assembly and how is your assembly is dealing with this issue.
13. If there is one operational area on which your assembly could use advice or help, please describe that need below.
14. How often does your assembly send a voting respresentative(s) to the Board of Director's meeting at NCTE's Annual Convention? The meeting is held late Friday afternoon and credentials are collected for directors/representatives in attendance.
15. We have sent our latest roster of officers to NCTE.