Pomeranian Alopecia X Survey

The following survey is for purebred Pomeranian dogs of any origin, registered with a kennel club including the Canadian Kennel Club, the American Kennel Club or other national or international registries. This survey should be filled out separately for each dog you are reporting. The goal of this survey is to understand better what proportion of Pomeranians suffer Alopecia X (“BSD”), and details about its development and progression, and to correlate any visible characteristics of the dog to its coat loss. It is critical that as many dogs be reported as possible, and that the reporting is done as accurately as possible. Please fill out a separate survey for each dog that you have information on. If you Co-own a dog or have sold a dog and are not certain if someone else is reporting information on the dog, please contact the other person first, or at minimum be sure to include the name of the dog so that we can find duplicate entries. It is better to have a duplicate entry (with dog name reported) than to not include the dog. Dogs not suffering from Alopecia X are just as important as those that are if we are to have accurate statistics. This survey will require you to recall details on the dog’s history. In each case if you are not certain of the response, choose the “not sure/don’t remember/unknown” option. This will prevent the data from being skewed by incorrect guesses. The individual results of this survey will not be reported or released in any way, however we are planning on releasing data on the aggregate responses (not individually identifiable) that we hope will help us all understand better how to deal with Alopecia X. Thank-you in advance for your response. We are aware that the survey is extensive and time-consuming to fill out for multiple dogs, but your responses will be very helpful in our understanding of this disease.

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1. Do you give permission for us to collect your responses below and to include them in aggregate statistics to be reported publically in the future? No data publicly reported from this survey will identify any respondent or their dog in any way, however the data will be collected and stored in a database with access restricted to the PCOC health and genetics chair.
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