Article VI of the OLLI @ Furman Bylaws requires that the Vice President of Membership/President Elect also serve as the Chair of the Nominating Committee (NC), and choose the members of the (NC). In accordance with this responsibility, I have chosen:

Greg Peters (OLLI Council Member)
Bob Howell(Past President)
Judy Brooks (Volunteer)

The NC requests suggestions from the membership, will oversee the nominations process, and present a slate of qualified and willing candidates to the OLLI Council, and then to the OLLI members, prior to the elections at the May 19 luncheon/general meeting. Additional nominations of willing candidates can be made at the meeting.

Please give this matter careful consideration and provide up to 2 names for each position (partial description of duties below) of capable OLLI members who might be willing to serve. You may also recommend yourself in the survey below. For those that do not have access to a computer, paper copies of the survey form are available in the OLLI Office.

The deadline for submittal is April 1, 2015.

Thanks for your participation,
Steve Davis
OLLI Vice President of Membership/President Elect
Chair of Nominating Committee
1. Please provide up to two recommendations for the following position:

Vice President Membership/President Elect – serves one year before becoming President – works closely with the committees, listens to member comments as Ombudsman, and selects the Nominating Committee and serves as its Chair.
2. Please provide up to two recommendations each for the three following positions:

(3) At-Large Members – serves 3 years to provide interface with members and Council, solicit volunteers for committees, and develop a project of their choosing.
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