Community Task Force on Oral Health Needs of People with Developmental Disabilities RSVP

To most effectively use our time at our October 2 Community Taskforce meeting, please share your thoughts on the following action items for our community's next moves to improve oral health of people with IDD.

This should take under 10 MINUTES, and will help us plan, whether you can attend the October 2 meeting or not.
1. Please rate each of these educational actions addressing oral health for people with IDD on its impact, its likelihood of success, and your ability/willingness to work on it
ImpactFeasibilityYour willingness
To increase the skills and number of oral health providers serving this population, establish a fellowship in Oral Health Care for Persons with IDD
Publicize and host Continuing Education courses and public speakers related to oral health care for people with IDD
Create 3-part Continuing Education program for practitioners: a) Didactic learning; b) Hands-on experience in clinic and OR; c) Network after participation for case presentation and 2nd opinions
In-service learning for staff, family members, and individuals with IDD
Re-institute operating room training program for community dentists