2014 Digital Survey
Thank you for participating in our survey. We kindly ask your cooperation in completing the survey as your feedback is important to the LPGA. Your answers to the questions are intended to provide the LPGA with an outside perspective.
1. Please indicate your gender.
2. Please tell us your age.
3. Which of the following best describes your annual household income before taxes (U.S. dollars)?
4. What website(s) do you use as your primary source(s) of golf information? (Please check all that apply.)
5. How satisfied are you with the LPGA website and LPGA mobile platforms? Please indicate N/A if you do not visit.
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedVery dissatisfiedN/A
LPGA Mobile / Apps
6. How would you rate your ease of navigating the LPGA.com website, mobile website and LPGA apps? Please indicate N/A for any that you don't visit.
Extremely EasyModerately EasyNeutralModerately DifficultExtremely DifficultN/A
LPGA Mobile Website
iPhone/iPad App
Android App
7. Which of the following features do you engage with on LPGA.com?
8. Please rank the choices listed below by priority according to why you visit LPGA.com. If any of the choices are not reasons you visit, please select N/A for that particular choice.
N/ARace to the CME Globe Updates
N/AReal-Time Tournament Scoring and/or Leaderboard
N/AView Photos and Videos of Players and Tournaments
N/ARolex Rankings Updates
N/AGet Specific Tournament Information
N/ALearn More About Players Through Features and Bio Info
N/AReview Player Statistics and Results
N/AGet the LPGA's Television Schedule
N/AGet Instruction Tips
N/AGet the Latest LPGA News
9. On average, how many stories and videos do you read/watch weekly on LPGA.com? (Please answer for stories and videos individually.)
10. What is the preferred length of a video you would like to watch?
11. Would you like to see more Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram content on LPGA.com?
YesNoIt doesn't matter either way
12. What changes would you like to see made, if any, to the Player Profiles on LPGA.com?
13. What is the current number of hours you spend weekly and the maximum number of hours you are willing to spend weekly on LPGA.com?
Current Number of Hours
Maximum Number of Hours
14. If offered, what changes or additions to the LPGA website would make you engage with the LPGA Tour more?