Fontbonne University Financial Literacy Survey


Directions: Please read each of the following questions below and respond accordingly.
1. Please provide the following:
2. What is your academic standing?
3. Have you ever received some type of financial literacy education during high school or college?
4. Have you ever taken out a student loan?
5. How important is it to know about personal finance to make smart financial decisions?
Not Important at All23456789Extremely ImportantN/A
6. Have you ever borrowed a private or alternative student loan?
7. Would you prefer that your college offered some type of financial literacy education?
8. Do you know how to obtain a credit report?
9. How interested are you in increasing your financial knowledge?
Very UninterestedSomewhat InterestedNot SureVery Interested
10. How confident are you in your ability to manage your own finances?
11. Which format would you prefer financial literacy to be delivered in?
Thank You for participating in this survey.

NOTE: Upon submitting your responses, this survey will re-direct to a blank form for the next participant.