Listening to Incoming College Writers--What Is College and Career Ready?
Thanks for taking a few moments to share feedback from your listening tour session and for submitting this survey form by September 30 (NOTE: THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 7). If you would prefer to send a written summary or recording of your session, please email it to CCCC Liaison Kristen Suchor (
1. Which of the following describes the setting/circumstances in which you held a listening tour session? (Check all that apply.)
2. How many students participated in your listening tour session?
3. Defining composition broadly to include making notes and lists; posting on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites; composing digitally with video or music; as well as the kind of writing traditionally done in school or the workplace, approximately how many hours a week did each of your students spend composing, on average?
4. In the past year, how many of your students have written anything for political/social purposes (including letters to policy leaders, op-eds, videos with a social/political message, online commentary on political/social issues)?
5. During the past week, approximately how many hours, on average, did students report composing or editing with each of these tools?
6. Approximately what share of students' writing time in the past week was devoted to writing for informal purposes (e.g., writing done without revision, largely for personal purposes)?

7. Which of the following statements do you think best represents your students' comments/perspectives?

8. Compared to family members who were their age a generation ago, do your students think they write more, less, or about the same amount?
9. What are your students' main expectations of college writing? What influenced/shaped these expectations? (800 characters available for response)
10. How well do your students think their high school writing courses prepared them for success in college?
11. What kinds of strategies that they practiced in high school helped prepare them for college writing?
Not mentionedMentioned by a few Mentioned frequently
Note taking
Reflective writing
12. To be successful in college, which “rules” of writing or language do they think are important to know?
Not mentionedMentioned by a fewMentioned frequently
Parts of speech
Citation systems
Awareness of diction
13. Do the majority of your students think that writing in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc., will be important for their success in college? Why or why not?
14. What habits of mind or personal characteristics do your students believe are essential for successful college writers?
Not mentionedMentioned a few timesMentioned frequently
Intellectual curiosity
Open mindedness
Commitment to improvement/persistence
Reflection/metacognition (thinking about one's own ideas/processes)
Risk-taking (willingness to try new ideas)
Pride in work
Time management
15. What formative experiences as writers do they feel best prepared them for success in college? (800 characters available)
16. When they think about careers or other pursuits after college, what do they think will be important for them to do as writers? (800 characters available)