BB&T Bank Account Set-Up

The unique structure of Girl Scout bank accounts coupled with a continually changing banking environment have made it necessary for Girl Scouts-NC Coastal Pines to use one bank for all troop accounts.

Please fill out the following survey information for your troop so that your account can be properly opened at a convenient BB&T location.

Once an account is created, you will receive an email from Council with further instructions to finalize the account opening.
Each bank account requires:
- a minimum of two unrelated signers
- all signers must be registered members of Girl Scouts
- all signers must have a current background check on file with the Council

A visit to a BB&T branch will be necessary. Please have the location of the closest branch available.

Two debit cards can be issued per troop.

Online banking will be set up automatically. Login information and instructions will be sent separately once the troop account is set up.

Please complete this survey only once per troop.

Thank you!
1. Troop Number
2. County-Area
3. Which BB&T branch would you like to visit to open your account? (Street Address)
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