Social Dashboard Beta Testing Sign-Up

Thanks for signing up to be a Social Dashboard beta tester! You get to be among the first to see what great stuff we'll be launching to all PRO members later on, such as comparing your Twitter and Facebook accounts with competitors', connecting Google Analytics to see what social signals send traffic to your site, and more. Pretty sweet, huh?

Beta testing will begin on 10/3 and run for one month and is open to PRO members and people taking the free PRO trial. If this is you, get the party started by adding your Twitter and Facebook accounts, and let us know what you think of the dashboard. If you run across any bugs, you can send them to or just click the Feedback button on the Social Dashboard pages and we'll get them logged and fixed. Hurry and sign up so you can start testing!

Thanks again for taking the time to be a part of the SEOmoz Social Dashboard! Your feedback is an important part of its success. (Hugs are in order.)
1. Name
2. Account Email (the one you log into SEOmoz with)
3. What is your primary role in the wonderful world of SEO?
4. How many Facebook accounts would you want to monitor?
5. How many Twitter accounts would you want to monitor?
6. What social tools or software do you currently use to monitor social traffic?
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