Approximately every 5 years, the Owasso Land Use and Comprehensive Plan requires updating in order to accurately reflect current trends and changes in zoning or land use. The current land use plan was last updated in 2007, so it is time to update it once again. The Owasso Land Use Plan update, called GrOwasso 2030, will be used as a tool that guides growth and development to the year 2030 and will also assist the City Council in setting policies and goals for the community. The plan will also provide guidance for the City’s budget, expansion of infrastructure, and other services in the future. The area to be studied includes land within the City’s current boundaries, as well as the area within the Owasso fenceline.

The information gathered in this survey will help shape the planning process. Your responses to the questions would be greatly appreciated and are a very important part of this process. There will be other opportunities to be involved with this planning effort throughout the next several months, via on-line surveys and public workshops.
1. How long have you lived in the City of Owasso?
2. What neighborhood or housing addition do you live in? (i.e, neighborhood, subdivision, apartment complex, etc.)
3. What type of residence do you live in? (i.e. single family home, apartment, etc.)
4. Please identify your employment status:
5. What age group do you fall in:
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