McCarter Community Think


Thank you for sharing your thoughts in this McCarter Community Think survey on audience engagement. We anticipate that this survey will take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Audience engagement is about creating opportunities for dialogue between theaters and audiences. When we talk about “engagement,” we are referring to opportunities to deepen the impact and enrich the experience of attending a theater performance AND/OR events that use the occasion of a theatrical production as a catalyst to connect people and build community.

As part of our commitment to excellence, innovation, and community, McCarter has created a number of new and reinvigorated engagement programs, including: Inside Story (pre-show discussions), artist residencies in local schools, continuing education classes, podcasts, and more. But engagement is not just about adding programs and events (though that can be the most visible aspect!); it’s also about open conversation with and investment in our community. Engagement starts with listening.

To that end, instead of making assumptions about how our audience and larger community would like to participate and engage with McCarter, we want to hear from you directly. McCarter Community Think is the first phase of what we hope will be a year-long process of collaborating with our community and collecting information to assess, refine, re-imagine and create new engagement opportunities that deepen the audience experience of work on our stages and inspire new ways to connect with our community through the art of theater.