Teachers give you feedback on your work so that you know what you are doing well and what can be improved.

This survey is for you to give your teacher feedback so they know how to make sure they are doing all they can to help you learn.

Please rate the following questions.

Thank you for completing this.

* 1. Which Room are you in?

* 2. How I feel when I'm at school?

* 3. Do you know your class rules?

* 4. Did you make your class rules together?

* 5. I have a go with my learning

* 6. I ask questions when I need help

* 7. I help others with their learning

* 8. I feel safe in the classroom

* 9. My teacher helps me with my learning

* 10. Have you been bullied during the last 10 weeks? (If no, scroll to end of the survey and click 'Done')
Bullying is continuous inappropriate behaviour towards others. It can be physical, verbal or social.

* 11. What does he/she usually do?

* 12. Where does the bullying usually occur?

* 13. When does the bullying usually occur?

* 14. How often does the bullying occur?

* 15. What do you do when you get bullied?

* 16. Did the bullying stop?