Youth Employment Ideas

Hi -
We at North Island Employment are very excited to work with John Howard Foundry and other community partners to bring employment services to youth. In order for us to create the best employment experience for youth - we want to gather your ideas about what's most important and most needed by and for youth to find and keep work in this ever-changing world of work. Please answer the questions below fully. Your answers will be kept CONFIDENTIAL. The results of the survey will be kept confidential (only the stats, numbers & comments will be shared anonymously with NIEFS and John Howard Foundry staff and funders. THANKS for taking the time!

* 1. How did you hear about Foundry at John Howard Society? Check as many as apply

* 3. Currently I am (check as many as apply) ...

* 4. If you are looking for work - What are the greatest challenges you face to find or keep employment? (check as many as apply)

* 5. What are the greatest challenges you think YOUTH face to find or keep employment?

* 6. What ideas would you like to see to help improve youth employment in our community?

* 7. What topics, activities or ideas would be important to include in a youth employment program or service? Check as many as apply

* 8. Are there any other ideas, suggestions or comments do you have that are important for youth employment services?

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