Please read the following Frequently Asked Questions before completing the application
YEP 2017 FAQ

* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. Applicant date of birth

Date of Birth

* 5. Zip Code

* 6. Primary Telephone Number
Please list the main phone number where we can reach you directly.

* 7. What type of phone number was listed on is listed Question #6?

* 8. Alternate Phone Number
Please list the secondary phone number where we can reach you if there is no response at primary number.

* 9. What type of phone number was listed on Question #8?

* 10. Email address 
Please list a valid email address for an account monitored by the applicant.
This is the email address the YEP Staff will use to contact the applicant regarding the status of the application.
Do not list an email address for family member or friend, or one that is not regularly monitored.

* 12. What industry are you interested in working in for the 2017 Youth Employment Project? You may select multiple industries if you have more than one career interest.

* 13. Did you participate in the 2016 Youth Employment Project?

* 14. If you participated in the 2016 Youth Employment Project, did you earn an Essential Skills Certificate for Workshop completion?

* 15. Have you already completed a "Plus Account" registration on  Please note, your YEP 2017 application will not be processed without a Plus Account.

* 16. Please mark the following statements if they apply to you.  You can mark multiple statements if they apply. 
The YEP Staff can work with you and have resources to address any barriers you identify.

* 17. Are you currently enrolled in an educational program? 

* 18. I attest that the information stated above is true and accurate, and understand that the above information, if misrepresented or incomplete, may be grounds for immediate termination and/or penalties as specified by law.