WYNBUS is an initiative for "Mobility On-Demand for Wyndham" and improving Public Transport across Wyndham.

     This Survey is to plan for an exclusive School shuttle trial run for high demand schools across Wyndham for June 2020 subject to relevant approvals and demand (with due consideration to the guidelines and regulations in the post-COVID situation). 

     During the first trial phase of WYNBUS, 4 shuttles were deployed for 6 weeks (Aug-Oct'19) for peak hour services and 1 shuttle was deployed for off-peak shuttle services on demand.

    There was high demand for school shuttle services for Public schools during the trial run to reduce the stress on working parents and reduce congestion around schools. A successful school shuttle trial for Werribee secondary and Suzanne Cory School was completed in March 2020.

     This survey is to seek expression of interest for volunteers/school groups and gather relevant data for the planning of the school shuttle trial services. Please subscribe to updates at for ongoing updates and for details of further meetings planned for detailed planning of the services.

The data and insights from the trial will be used to advocate for similar school shuttle services for high demand schools to reduce congestion around schools.

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* 1. What is your kid's usual mode of Transport to School?

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* 2. Which school does your kid attend?                              (Note: This list is based on an earlier survey launched in October 2019 and January 2020) Please feel free to add your preferred school name if it is missing from the list below.)

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* 3. What is the distance of the school from your home?

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* 4. What are the key challenges your kids face while commuting to the School?