What do you think about Winnipeg Police Service's helicopter?
The Winnipeg Police Service Flight Operations Unit (FOU) was established in 2010 to support all operational and investigative service units in the detection of criminal acts and the apprehension of suspects. In accordance with the Winnipeg Police Service 2015-2019 Strategic Plan, the specific goals of the FOU are:
  1. Increase public safety
  2. Increase officer safety
  3. Assist in the apprehension of criminal suspects
  4. Enable the better management of large-scale events
Additionally, the FOU provides support and assistance to other Manitoba organizations, such as the RCMP, law enforcement agencies and emergency responders.

The police helicopter is used in many situations, weather permitting, including:
  • Response to crimes in progress for aerial containment and investigation
  • Infrared searches for suspects and evidence, and coordination of ground response
  • Tracking and surveillance of suspect vehicles during police pursuits and subsequent coordination of ground resources
  • Lighting of crime scenes, collision scenes, vehicle stops, search areas, disturbances, and foot pursuits
  • Aerial searches for missing or lost persons
  • Aerial photography or videotaping of crime scenes, traffic collisions, high-risk incidents or remote areas
  • Rapid deployment of Canine Unit members to locations
  • Aerial platform for Emergency Services for major fires, environmental disasters or other major incidents.

We would like to hear your perspective about the Winnipeg Police Service police helicopter and its value to Winnipeg.


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