What is Live Well Sioux Falls?
Live Well Sioux Falls is a community wellness initiative striving to put health in all decisions of where people live, work, play, pray, and learn in the Sioux Empire. Work Well is a branch of Live Well Sioux Falls, taking focus on our business community. The goal of Work Well is to support employers in keeping employees safe, happy, and healthy.

What is the Live Well Work Well Employer Survey?
The purpose of this survey is to understand how many, and to what extent, the Sioux Falls businesses integrate worksite wellness in their organization. It is also a great way for employers to share input and ideas for worksite wellness in our community. Please take 5 minutes and tell us about your business! One person should complete the survey for your organization.

* 1. Company Name

* 2. Please indicate your industry type:

* 3. Please indicate your organization size:

* 4. Please indicate your current worksite wellness efforts against the definition of a comprehensive program:

Employee wellness is a serious business strategy, we sustain a culture of health and productivity; employee wellness is heavily integrated, proactive, innovative, and results orientated with measurable outcomes.

* 5. Please share your thoughts and ideas on how Live Well Work Well can support you and the Sioux Falls business community in achieving and maintaining safe, happy, and healthy organizations. Check all that apply and comment openly.

* 6. Feel free to share any other comments with Live Well Sioux Falls.