Community at Watermark

Watermark community groups exist to connect people in authentic relationships that lead to spiritual transformation. This assessment was created to help your community group grow to realize this vision.

Our hope is that this assessment will facilitate this process by helping you to think reflectively about your current experience in community. The purpose of this evaluation is not just to determine the condition of your community group today, but to help you determine what your group wants to become as you grow together. After completing this evaluation we encourage you to gather together with your community group and discuss the results of the evaluation together.

Thank you for taking the time to interact with us as we work together to experience the spiritual transformation that only Christian community can bring.

Question Title

Type your group leader's last name followed by their first initial and the current year. (i.e. Joe Smith = smithj2013)

The following portion of the survey is organized according to the four characteristics that we believe distinguish authentic community: