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A. This scholarship is established to award students planning to obtain higher education. It is funded by income generated by association members.

B. Applications must be received or postmarked on or before March 31, 2021. No exceptions will be made.

C. Applicants must be:
  1. An Active or Associate Member in good standing of the Wisconsin Liquid Waste Carriers Association for 2 years or more; or
  2. An immediate family member (spouse or child) of a WLWCA member who has been in good standing with the WLWCA for 2 years or more.
  3. An immediate family member (spouse or child) of an employee of a WLWCA member who has been in good standing with the WLWCA for 2 years or more.

D. Scholarships will be awarded at the annual conference in January. WLWCA will notify the recipients in writing immediately thereafter and issue a check in the amount of the award in August of the year awarded, after your college enrollment is verified.

E. No person may receive more than one award each year but may apply again in subsequent years.

F. Applicant must be a member of the senior high school class or graduate of a secondary school, including those who are older than high school age desiring to continue their education. This award is also available to past or current college students.

G. Instructions for applying for a WLWCA scholarship:
  • Use the following form to submit your application, (2) reference letters and essay to the WLWCA Scholarship Committee.
  • NOTE: Applications will be invalid if not filled out completely or not accompanied by two reference letters and the essay.
  • Scholarship Application form;
    • Reference letters from two persons unrelated to the applicant (teachers, employers, coaches, clergy, etc.) who can attest to the applicant’s character and assess academic ability.
    • 500-word essay on a topic related to wastewater and/or water quality.
H. At least two scholarships will be awarded based upon donations received at the discretion of the WLWCA Board. One shall be named the “John Vircks Memorial Scholarship” and the second will be named the “Darlene Strander Memorial Scholarship.”

  1. All applications are scanned and kept on file at the WLWCA office.
  2. Winning essay(s) may be printed in the WLWCA Monthly newsletters.
  3. The original applications, letters of reference and essays are sent to the selection committee composed of qualified scholarship judge(s) not affiliated with any of the applicants.
  4. The scholarship judge(s) will rate the applications using a numerical scale (1 being the best) as well as review the essays for writing ability.
  5. The WLWCA Board will conduct a blind review of the winning essays for content and make the final decision on the winning applicants.

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