Welcome to the Winter Pride 2020 registration of interest for our festival enabling event passes. Winter Pride 2020 will be held from Friday 28th August until Sunday 6th of September in Queenstown, New Zealand, under Alert Level 2 guidelines (outlined below).

With limited capacity at events,  priority access to the festival will be provided to guests who complete this registration and who purchase enabling passes. 


Changing the festival to meet the Alert Level 2 guidelines means many changes for the festival, and for you as a guest. The purpose of this registration is to support our planning to provide us with confidence about the level of interest in attending the festival, and to provide interested guests with as much information as we can at this stage. 
Festival Enabling Passes will be released as soon as we have a sufficient level of interest. We hope this will be within the next 2 weeks including releasing details on some of the key events.

We are also working on a back-up plan for a transition to Alert Level 1 in the hope that this were to happen before the festival. This may allow for a bit more capacity and flexibility with venues including some seated events becoming standing.

Currently, the COVID-19 event rules being applied are:

·         Maximum capacity of 100 pax per event

·         All guests must be seated with the capability to physical distance between groups

·         Event organisers have to be able to track and trace individual guests AND identify who they were seated with at each event

·         There is also a time limit of approximately two hours per event

·         You can’t participate in any gatherings or events if you have COVID-19 symptoms or if you need to be in isolation/quarantine for any reason.

As organisers and guest this will mean a few changes from the way we usually work, but we can do this and make it happen. It is going to be a lot of fun, if we all play our part.

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* 1. Before we get onto the registration, please confirm the following

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* 2. Enabling Event Passes will cost more than usual

A little background… All the usual costs with hosts, talent (including their fees, airfares and accommodation), lighting and sound equipment and venue fees are now going to be divided by only 100 people maximum rather than the usually 300-500 people. Events have to have “servers”, which adds an additional cost for venues, who will also be absorbing a hefty loss of bar take because of reduced numbers. All these factors combine to make each event more expensive than we are accustomed to. We understand that this isn’t ideal, however, this is the new cost structure.

I understand that it is going to cost a bit more than normal, and that this is because of smaller capacity at venues due to health guidelines which are intended to keep us all safe.

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Winter Pride is not supported financially in any way by the council or by any tourism authorities. 

Your tickets and the support of (often quite small) local businesses make the event possible. So please be aware of WHO supports Winter Pride, and SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT US – especially when pre-booking things like accommodation.

A very specific group of hotels support Winter Pride and the Pride Pledge (which underwrites Winter Pride), most notably the Accor Group of hotels including the Novotel, our official host hotel and many others. 

We will update you on the list of partner and supporting accommodation providers when you register your interest. Please book with them or if you need support with accommodation or other flight and travel needs, email our LGBT+ preferred travel consultant pride@xtravel.co.nz 

Yes, I am going to do my best to SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT US, especially when I book my accommodation.

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* 4. And finally, refunds and ticket transferability

This is the fine print – because Winter Pride has refunded all pre-purchased tickets for the original festival (pre-COVID 19), we have used up all our reserves and sponsorship on planning a festival which couldn’t happen.

We are absolutely 100% proud of having refunded all ticket holders who requested a refund when COVID impacted on the original events. However, we need to signal that on round two of planning, we simply can’t shoulder the financial cost of refunds should the guidelines on Alert Levels or the Alert Levels themselves change in a way which prevents the festival from happening.

Winter Pride takes no responsibility and has no liability for accommodation, airfares or other costs accrued by guests who plan to come to the festival should we have to cancel due to a change in COVID 19 health alert levels and / or guidelines.

By purchasing an enabling pass, you also understand that your pass will not be refunded or reimbursed in any way should Winter Pride have to be cancelled due to a change in COVID 19 Health alert levels and / or guidelines. This is why it is called an enabling pass – it makes the festival possible AND guarantees you access first.

And the final bit of fine print; Because we will need to track and trace each individual ticket holder, all tickets must be bought by the attending guest.
We will be asking guests to ID themselves for health reasons at each event.

If you fail to show at the starting time for a seated event, the event organisers reserve the right to VOID your ticket as a full room of 100 people is what we are all wanting, not people being locked out while there are empty seats inside.

I understand that there are no refunds for tickets purchased and that my pass will not be transferrable to another person.

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* 5. Great – your personal details

When you purchase your actual pass you will be required to give your name and other details as they appear on your drivers licence or passport (you will need to show one of these forms of ID in order to gain entry to each event on the pass).

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* 6. First Name

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* 7. Last Name

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* 8. Email

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* 9. Phone 

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* 10. Town or City

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* 11. Please contact me when these passes are release so that I can buy one.

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* 12. These are exciting times and our passes are still being built, so here is the basic idea.

Please indicate which pass you would be interested in purchasing.

MAXI Enabling Pass (choose 8 of 10 events) ($655+ticket fees)

The intention is for the Maxi Enabling Pass to have access to your pre-registered choice of 8 out of the 10 main events in total, which may include the incredible Gibsston Valley Long Lunch (and wine tasting), and in addition to have access to all après ski events (most nights) with some possible late night events on some nights.

The pass will include 4 events with meals included in the ticket price.

If alert levels shift from Level 2 to 1 AND this change enables greater capacity, the events may be changed from seated to unseated events.  

FINAL Weekender Enabling Pass (choose 2 of 3 events) ($165+ticket fees)

The intention is for the FINAL weekender Enabling Pass to have 3 main events in total and in addition to have access to any après ski events (most nights) with some possible late night events on some nights.

The pass will include no events with meals included in the ticket price.

If alert levels shift from Level 2 to 1 AND this change enables greater capacity, the events may be changed from seated to unseated events.