Willow Crystal Lake Survey

This confidential survey is a part of an assessment to assist Willow Creek Crystal Lake (“WCL”) in creating a safer environment for congregants, employees, and anyone else who has contact with WCL. The purpose of this survey is to 1) collect any and all relevant information consistent with the scope of this assessment, and 2) assist GRACE in identifying individuals who may have relevant information that we could contact in order to schedule follow-up interviews relevant to this assessment. Please know that the information provided by survey respondents within the survey itself may be used in the final assessment provided to WCL. However, the names of survey respondents shall be kept strictly confidential and will not be voluntarily disclosed to WCL or to any third party without the written permission of the individual survey respondent.

Scope of the Agreement
“GRACE shall conduct a comprehensive assessment of the current CRYSTAL LAKE personnel policies and practices as they relate to preventing and responding to behavioral misconduct. Behavioral misconduct shall include physical, sexual, and emotional misconduct. In conjunction with assessing policies and practices, GRACE shall also evaluate the environment and culture of CRYSTAL LAKE and how such may impact matters relating to behavioral misconduct within the organization. This comprehensive assessment shall be based upon GRACE approved safeguarding best practice standards. This comprehensive assessment will include addressing and assessing any individual allegations of behavioral misconduct or perceived behavioral misconduct brought to our attention during this process.”
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