What is the Willapa Natural Resource Center?
Willapa National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is in the process of designing a new facility to support the community, economic, and educational benefits of wildlife refuges. The facility will be designed such that it will host workspace for the staff and community partners who support the Refuge’s mission to conserve, manage, and restore wildlife resources and their habitat for the benefit of present and future generations of Americans.
Why are we asking these questions?
The refuge is seeking support in the effort to bring this new facility to Long Beach and we are very interested to know what you envision as a Natural Resource Center. We are collecting ideas that can serve the Willapa NWR mission and the needs of the surrounding community. Your ideas will be shared with the Willapa NWR staff and the architects designing the facility.
What do we mean by COMMUNITY?
"Community" refers geographically to the City of Long Beach, the greater Pacific County area, and the cities of Ilwaco and Ocean Park. "Community" also refers to the people who live in these areas and the organizations that serve them.
What do we mean by COMMUNITY SERVICE?
"Community service" is a generic term to describe the features and functions that could potentially be part of the Natural Resource Center.
Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts and ideas. The Natural Resource Center is an incredible opportunity to enhance existing community relationships and build new ones. Willapa, like all National Wildlife Refuges, belongs to all of us and is an amazing place to experience nature. The information shared in your responses that follow will make it even better.

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