About Whittlesey's Cybersecurity Survey 
2017 was an unprecedented year for cybercrime, with troves of data exposed in hacks. This survey evaluates the preparedness of regional businesses in regards to their security protections and plans.
Participants of the survey will receive exclusive industry data, and a chance to win an $100 Amazon gift card!

* 1. Who is primarily responsible for your tech support?

* 2. Do you have policies which govern computer use and IT security?

* 3. If yes, has it been updated in the last year?

* 4. Do you have a business continuity plan?

* 5. Do you have an incident response plan?

* 6. Do you have a written information security program?

* 7. Have you had an IT risk assessment in the past year?

* 8. Do you know how to identify a cyber attack?

* 9. What do you fear the most if you were to experience a cyber attack?

* 10. Do you think a cyber attack could put you out of business?

* 11. Have you conducted cybersecurity training for your employees in the last year?

* 12. Do you think your employees pose a cybersecurity risk?

* 13. Do you allow employees to access corporate resources with their own devices such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops?

* 14. If yes, do you cover this in a formal policy?

* 15. If your organization were to experience a cyber attack that hijacked your systems and data, how long do you think it would take to recover your data and IT systems?

* 16. Where do you buy security devices?

* 17. Have you experienced a data breach in the last 12 months? (All answers are anonymous)

* 18. If yes, how long did it take you to recover?

* 19. Have you experienced any of the following:

* 20. What category best describes your industry?

* 21. What is the size of your organization?

* 23. What is your organization’s annual revenue?

* 24. To receive the findings of the survey results (and for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card!) please submit your email: