Welcome to the West Midlands Dementia Support Survey for patients, carers and the public

This survey is for people living with dementia or people caring for someone living with dementia. We are asking people from across the West Midlands to take part. Thank you for your interest. The survey should take a maximum of 20-30 mins to complete.

We want to find out about any services that you find helpful and any that you think are missing. We also want to know if you have had any problems finding out about or getting the support you feel you need.

Two other surveys are taking place to find out the views of both people who commission (design and pay for) and organisations who provide services to support people living with dementia and/or their family and carers. We will combine the results of all three surveys to highlight good services in the West Midlands that help people living with dementia and their carers. We will also identify any common problems and any gaps that may exist. We will share the results of the surveys to help improve support for people with dementia and their family and/or carers in the future.

The survey is designed to capture individual experiences, opinions and perspectives. Please answer from your own point of view, rather than on behalf of another individual or a group. Please feel free to share this survey with anyone else you feel might be interested. You can send them this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/westmidsdementiasurvey
If you would like any further information or you have any questions, please contact Sharon Adams: sharon.adams1@nhs.net 

If you are completing this survey as a paper copy, please return the completed survey to:

FAO: Sharon Adams
West Midlands Strategic Clinical Network and Senate
St Chad’s Court
213 Hagley Road
B16 9RG

Thank you for your time and for completing the survey.

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West Midlands map

West Midlands map
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