What do research staff do next?

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This survey is being run by Vitae, in partnership with Naturejobs. We welcome responses from all researchers who have been previously employed (as research staff, postdoctoral researchers or on fellowships) in higher education and public research institutes within UK/Europe and have moved into other employment sectors.

All questions are optional, other than a few (marked with an asterisk*) which are compulsory in order to ensure that different types of users receive the right questions. It should take you 15-20 minutes to complete the survey. Please answer every question if you can, but if you cannot then simply move to the next one. Your responses will be anonymous and you will not be identified or identifiable in any report that we publish.

Thank you for taking part. Your input and that of your colleagues is highly valued and we appreciate the contribution you are making by telling us about your experiences and your career. Our aim is to provide valuable insight into researchers' motivations, how they made those transitions and their subsequent career paths. The results of this survey will help current researchers make informed decisions about their careers and how institutions can better support their researchers' professional and career development.