Waterloo Redevelopment Precinct Detailed Survey

The redevelopment of social housing and the delivery of a new Sydney Metro station will transform the Waterloo Precinct.

Building on what's good and including more benefits for the community, a master plan will be developed for the Waterloo Redevelopment Precinct. It will determine the type and mix of housing, as well as the community facilities and services that are needed now and in the future. 

We want to know how you see Waterloo and more importantly, how you want it to be. Please help us create the place you want to see, by completing the survey below or the short survey.

* 1. Which option best describes where you live?

* 2. Which option best describes your interest in the project?

* 3. Please indicate your age group

* 4. Please indicate your gender

* 5. Please indicate which language you most often speak at home
(note: the main languages spoken in the Waterloo Estate have been listed below)

* 6. Do you identify as an Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?