* 1. What are the critical environmental conditions Washington County should protect for the future?

What environment issues, soils, water, prairie, air are important in Washington County? When possible, what should be protected? How should things be protected?

* 2. What are Washington County's strengths?

What are the strengths of Washington County? What makes you happy to live and work here? How can we take advantage of the assets that set the county apart?

* 3. How should the county balance the needs of current citizens and agriculture producers?

There are those in Nebraska that want to see larger gains in the number of cattle, hogs, chickens and dairy cattle in the state. How does Washington County work to balance these interests, if at all, with those living here now and the existing environment in the county?

* 4. Is Washington County more urban or rural in character?

* 5. By 2037, will Washington County be more urban or rural?

* 6. What does Washington County need to protect and preserve in the future?

What specific things about Washington County need to be protected in the new Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Regulations? What do you not want to see harmed or taken away in the future?

* 7. Should Washington County become "Livestock Friendly" through the Nebraska Department of Agriculture

* 8. What is your vision for Washington County?

What kind of county do you want to craft for the next generation? Share your vision for the short and long-term improvements that will make our great county better in 2037.

* 9. What's your big idea for the future of Washington County?

The Comprehensive Plan Update offers the county an opportunity to envision the future for Washington County. Submit your "Big Ideas" for the future, support the ideas of others and use the comment feature to share your thoughts.

* 10. What forms of alternative energy do you think our county should prioritize? Select your top two choices.

Going green can start with making use of renewable energy resources. Which of these resources do you think Washington County can leverage to the greatest impact? (please rank 5 = high, 1 = low)

  5 4 3 2 1
Solar Power
Wind Power
Geo-thermal Energy
Steam Heat

* 11. Why is it important to preserve our natural resources and open spaces?

Why should Washington County work toward preserving our environment? What is the biggest reason we should cut back on pollution and harmful development?

* 12. What steps can we take to preserve Washington County's natural resources and open spaces?

How can Washington County better preserve the environment? What steps can be taken to create more open space and protect the spaces that already exist?

* 13. Are you concerned about the water quality where you live? Why or why not?

Do you have any concerns about the water you drink in your home? Why are you concerned or not concerned? What suggestions do you have for improving water quality?

* 14. What one safety improvement would you make in Washington County?

If it were up to you, what one safety improvement would you make in Washington County to reduce crime and violence? How can we implement that change?

* 15. How can we create a more connected Washington County?

What is needed to create a fully-connected Washington County? How can we communicate across boundaries to bring together our diverse populations?

* 16. How can our community do a better job sharing information in the event of a natural disaster?

What about emergency communications could be improved in Washington County? What have you heard about or seen done elsewhere that we could incorporate here?

* 17. In what ways would you like to receive information from Washington County? Pick your top two means.

We think it is very important to be able to communicate with you in the event of an emergency, and in order to keep you updated on county events. What is the best way to get in touch with you?

* 18. What's the best season in Washington County?

Do you like fall in Washington County better, or spring? What is the very best day of the year in Washington County?

* 19. What one attraction are you sure to show off in Washington County?

When out-of-town guests visit, what one thing in Washington County do you make sure to show them? Why is that the attraction they should remember about Washington County?

* 20. What is your vision for the schools in Washington County?

Children are the future, so planning a successful place for them to learn is important to our community's road ahead. How do you envision the schools of Washington County in the future?

* 21. If you could change one thing about schools in Washington County, what would it be?

Pretend you have a magic wand. What change or improvement would you make in our schools? Do you have any ideas for how we could make that change?

* 22. Are you male or female?

* 23. What is your age?

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