What's This?

On behalf of Faith United Church in Kingston, our team is gathering Indigenous voices and ideas from Katarokwi to help move forward a plan of reconciliation and healing and the process of Walking the Path of Peace Together.

This survey is specifically for those who self-identify as Indigenous, (First Nation, Metis or Inuit). 

A number of years ago, the congregation of Faith United Church in Kingston made a defining decision that they did not wish to put their energy into building and maintaining a church. Over the past year and a half, with direction from with members and leadership, the Church began discussions about an alternative purpose that land might have in the local community.  Deeply moved by the report and recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, it was proposed that this property be offered to promote reflection and reconciliation with the Indigenous Community in this region.

This land, on Highway 15 is currently undeveloped and the Church began the process of listening and learning from the Indigenous community as to what they would envision for this land, and how the Faith United Church and the Indigenous community can walk the path of peace together. 

Now is the time to share your insight.  We, at Three Things Consulting, an Indigenous company based in Kingston have been engaged to help gather the voices, ideas, insights and expertise of our community.  We will continue to listen and learn and from that, craft an action plan that the Church and Indigenous community can work towards, with the support of other faith groups, community organizations and non-Indigenous allies.

This survey will take less than five minutes and can be anonymous.  That said, we encourage you to share your name and contact information if you want to be more involved in these discussions or if you would like to play a larger role walking forward together. 

* 1. Do you voluntarily choose to participate in this survey?