Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Parker Jewish Institute's Willing Hearts, Helpful Hands Program.

Individuals who are willing to give a minimum of four hours per week, for at least 12 months are encouraged to apply to become a member of the Willing Heart, Helpful Hands Volunteer Team. This volunteer opportunity is for individuals age 21 and older, including college and adult volunteers who may be seeking ways to serve the community or exploring their own career options.

Volunteers are required to:
1. Complete this on-line application.
2. Meet with a member of our staff for a personal interview.
3. Complete our application process, which includes a medical clearence form that must signed by your physician. The form requires information on immunization status for MMR and Varicella, a current TB test and a Flu Vaccine as necessary, as well as a urine test for drugs of abuse.
4. Attend Parker’s volunteer orientation and ongoing volunteer training.

We will call you to schedule an interview.

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