Valley Metro Rail System Naming

Survey closing date is Friday, May 26

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Valley Metro builds our communities, drives our economy and cares about connecting riders to their destinations. Please take a few moments to respond to this brief survey about some important decisions regarding the future of Valley Metro’s growing transit network. With expansion of the Valley Metro Rail system to 66 miles by 2034, there will be multiple lines in service. A naming method is required to make it easy for riders to navigate the system as it expands and as additional lines and types of transit are incorporated in the future, e.g. streetcar and bus rapid transit.

Click here to view a map of planned system expansion.

Working with transportation and mapping experts, Valley Metro has developed a naming method to accommodate future growth and expansion.

Click here to view an example of how other transit systems have developed naming methods.

Recommendation for System Naming
After internal review and coordination with Valley Metro’s city partners, the recommendation is to use letters as the primary designation and colors as a secondary designation. Click here to see details of the recommendation.

Below is an example of how the high-capacity transit system map could look in the future.

Share Your Experience

As we prepare to implement the naming method, we’d like to hear from you. Please answer the following questions:

1. Which of these system naming goals do you believe are most important?
    (rank in order of importance with 1 = most important and 5 = least important)

2. How well do you think this recommendation (using letters and colors) meets the goals?
    (rank in order of importance with 1 = very well and 5 = not very well)

3. Do you currently ride or have you ever ridden rail transit (in any city)?

4. When you use rail transit, what elements are most important to you? (skip this question if not applicable)

  very important important neutral not important
Digital signage
Platform announcements
On-board announcements
Apps (for cell phone or other device)
Information kiosks
Station/platform maps
On-board maps

5. Other comments on the rail transit line naming recommendation: