Welcome to the second Local Service Toolbox survey, which will be available until 31 May, 2021. This survey focuses on how virtual meetings are connecting to the rest of the NA Fellowship. We encourage you to share your experience and ideas in response to these questions. You are welcome to complete the survey as an individual member, or with others in a group or service event setting.

We are using the term virtual meetings to refer to online, phone, and chat-based meetings—really any meetings that do not meet in person or that are hybrid and have some remote attendees.
We first want to ask you about the status of virtual meetings, and whether they can be considered as NA groups.

The Group Booklet

What is an NA group?
When two or more addicts come together to help each other stay clean, they may form a Narcotics Anonymous group. Here are six points based on our traditions which describe an NA group:
  1. All members of a group are drug addicts, and all drug addicts are eligible for membership.
  2. As a group, they are self-supporting.
  3. As a group, their single goal is to help drug addicts recover through application of the Twelve Steps of Narcotics Anonymous.
  4. As a group, they have no affiliation outside Narcotics Anonymous.
  5. As a group, they express no opinion on outside issues.
  6. As a group, their public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion.

Question Title

* 1. Do you believe that virtual meetings meet the criteria to be NA groups, as listed in The Group Booklet?