The Village of Glen Ellyn is conducting a survey to gauge the satisfaction with certain facets of the Vehicle Sticker program.  The Village’s vehicle sticker program funds the repair and maintenance of the public roadways within the Village.  If you have any questions regarding this survey, you may contact the Village at (630) 547-5235 or

* 1. How would you rate your satisfaction with affixing the vehicle sticker to your car?

* 2. Glen Ellyn senior citizens can receive one senior sticker per household for a cost of $8.  Please select those boxes below that you agree with the statements regarding the senior discount.  Select all that apply. 

* 3. Which late fee structure would you prefer?

* 4. If an online application was available to purchase your annual vehicle sticker, would you purchase your vehicle sticker through that avenue?

* 5. What is your overall impression of the vehicle sticker program?

* 6. If your answer to #5 was negative, please indicate why in the space below.

* 7. Please provide any other feedback or comments.