This survey is for women and girls with epilepsy aged under 55 who are currently taking the medication Sodium Valproate (Epilim).

This survey aims to assess the awareness and experience of a series of risk-reduction measures which were introduced in 2018. We conducted a similar survey in 2020 and by repeating it now, we will be able to see how things have changed in the intervening period.

You can take part if you are currently taking valproate, living in the Republic of Ireland and are:
  • A woman (or girl aged 16 or over) with epilepsy
  • A parent/carer of a girl aged under 16 with epilepsy
  • A parent/carer of a woman with epilepsy who lacks mental capacity
This survey is anonymous. Contact details are provided at the end of the survey if you have any questions arising from taking part. The survey should take approx. 10 minutes to complete.

Please note: Valproate is an epilepsy medicine also known as Sodium Valproate or Valproic acid. It is marketed in Ireland as Epilim.

It is also available in other European countries under various other brand names including: Absenor, Convival Chrono, Convulex, Delepsine, Depakin, Depakine, Depakote, Depamag, Depamide, Deprakine, Diplexil, Dipromal, Epilim, Episenta, Epival, Ergenyl, Espa-Valept, Hexaquin, Kentlim, Leptilan, Micropakine L.P., Orfiril, Petilin, Valepil, Valhel PR, Valpal, Valpro and Valprolek.
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