Induction into the U.S. Squash Hall of Fame is the highest honor in the game of squash. It is given to those who have had an extraordinary impact on the game in the United States. The Hall of Fame is open to all American men and women in all aspects of squash—hardball, softball, singles, doubles, pro, amateur, juniors, intercollegiate and masters –who have been the greatest, most dominant players on the court, as well as individuals who have been the most significant leaders and coaches off the court. A person should have been a U.S. resident, but not necessarily a U.S. citizen, for a substantial portion of his career, and must be retired from open singles competition for five years before consideration. The key requirements are positive influence on the development of the game, integrity and sportsmanship.

We would like you to help us identify qualified individuals by suggesting for them to be nominated for induction into the U.S. Squash Hall of Fame. Please take a few moments to suggest someone you know to be qualified. Submissions are considered on a rolling basis and individuals will be nominated by the Hall of Fame Committee to the Board of Directors every spring. Inductees are recognized annually at the U.S. Open Squash Championships, in addition to being inducted formally during a ceremony in the recipient's community.